Meet the Gamification Experts: Andrzej Marczewski

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Gamification Experts Series: Andrzej Marczewski

Today, we’re meeting with the fist of our gamification experts Andrzej Marczewski. Andrzej is the author of Gamification: A Simple Introduction and is a true gamification passionate and activist. His blog –, is one of the most engaging and user-friendly gamification website around. Andrzej has developed Gamification models and frameworks such as ‘The Intrinsic Motivation RAMP’ (Relatedness, Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose) that provide great resources for researchers, strategist, designers or marketers.

What was your favourite game when you were a child?

Andrzej Marczewski: That is a really tough question. I loved playing space invaders with my Dad on his Acetronic MPU 1000 when I was really young (5 or so). Later I was really into Ant Attack on the Spectrum. I think the game that really made me sit up and realize that I loved games was Spy Hunter on the BBC possible Bruce Lee on the BBC. It is just so hard. Games have been part of my life for over 30 years – picking one is like trying to pick my favourite child (I have 2….). Final Fight is probably the game I wasted most money on in the arcades and I still have a version of it on every system I can – even my iPhone. My favourite system was the Commodore 64 though 😉

When was your Gamification eureka moment?

A.M: It was in June 2011, I was talking to a few people in the games industry about how it would be great to combine games and work, one of them mentioned that this thing called gamification was getting popular and I should check it out.

If you were a game mechanic, which one would you be?

A.M: Great question. If we are talking gamification “mechanics”, I would be a random reward schedule or possible a progress bar.

What is for you the ultimate goal of Gamification?

A.M: Problem solving and building better experiences for people.

What is the biggest challenge of gamification today?

A.M: The misconceptions that surround gamification. “it’s about making games, it’s all points badges and ladders” and the people who are happy to keep that misconception going to make fast money.

Industry that has the most untapped Gamification potential?

A.M: I think HR. Almost every part of HR from recruitment to retirement can use some aspects of gamification!

What piece of work are you the most proud of?

A.M: It is not a product, but a concept. I am really proud of my Gamification User Types. They have taken a while to get to where they are now, but I am really happy with them!

Who has inspired you the most in your career?

A.M: Richard Bartle is a big inspiration for the things I do in gamification (ironically really!). He has a clear cut and no nonsense way of looking at the world. I also love the work of Raph Koster and a great guy in the games industry by the name of Andy Payne. Truly gamification experts!.

What is your favourite Gamification case study?

A.M: Pure gamification case study has to be Giff Gaff. Broader and looking towards Serious Games, Project Fold.It

What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue a Gamification-oriented career?

A.M: Don’t! Pursue a career in building better experiences. Gamification is just part of that overall process. In the mean time, read books and blogs on the topic. Read things like Dan Pinks Drive, look into Self Determination Theory. Read about game design from people like Raph Koster and Jesse Schell. Get a few books about gamification. Do the Kevin Werbach Coursera course. But through all of it, remember these are individuals interpretations of things – you need to come out of it with your own ideas and understanding.

About Andrzej:

Gamification BooksI’m a web designer by trade since 2000, now working as the Intranet Webmaster at Capgemini UK. On top of this my areas of interest and passion revolve around the exciting worlds of Gamification, Social Media, Technology and Video Games. I am amazed every day by how much is happening in these fields and enjoy feeling part of this. I blog on a weekly basis about Gamification, social media and other side topics. I write about video games on my games review website (Yet Another Review Site running since 2006) and in 2012 I also self published a short eBook on gamification –Gamification: A Simple Introduction.

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