Gamification of Human Resources: Gamify Your New Hire Process With MindTickle

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 If I had to choose just one product on gamification of Human Resources, my Oscar would go to MindTickle. This amazing app has a number of appealing resources that can help you gamify your human resources in a way you never thought imaginable.

What is Mindtickle?

MindTickle Learning Board is a unique, web based tool that focuses on learning in a social environment and through using games. Started in 2011, MindTickle has been embraced by a number of different industries, including technology, communications, eCommerce, and hospitality. For two years in a row, MindTickle was the #1 Human Resources Engagement Tool at the Gamification Summit.

Even your new employees that don’t really “get” technology can get into the MindTickle Learning Board. By using a number of game mechanics (which we discuss more below), MindTickle helps your new employees train for their position in an interactive and even entertaining way. Instead of having them read manuals, they have to complete tasks that prove that they are fully immersed in the material. By being more active in the learning process, people are able to engage more with the material and thus, are able to retain it more and use it while they’re getting hands-on training at the company.

Another great feature of MindTickle is their reminder system. The MindTickle Learning Board will regularly send out emails and notifications to remind trainees that they have to do particular parts of their training. By offering a universal way to track whether or not an employee has completed a certain part of training, trainers are also better able to individualize the type of training that they are giving to each employee.

Why would I choose MindTickle?

There are a number of case studies that you can check out on MindTickle’s website, but two of them stood out to us: the SAP case study and the eBay case study.

SAP hires most of their new employees straight out of or while completing college. This is how they get some of their best employees. SAP wanted to use the internet as part of their training, since the internet is a key component of what they are doing. So, they started to use MindTickle and found that they saved a lot of time on training (70%) and a lot of money (60%). The best part? The study also showed that product awareness increased immensely (75%). So not only was it saving the company a lot of valuable resources, their employees got more out of it, for a much lower cost. Everyone wins!

eBay used to do all of their training in a classroom setting, which lasted several days. But eBay wanted to cut down on the costs and time that they felt like they were wasting, so they started to use MindTickle at their company. They kept the same quality by using MindTickle, and got amazing results. Over 80% of their trainees finished the program and started to work. Almost every single trainee liked the solution better than sitting in a classroom (97%), and three-quarters of all trainees enjoyed the process a lot more.

With those sorts of results, who wouldn’t want to try MindTickle? It’s a fun, exciting way for you to become engaged with your training process and help your trainees to actually enjoy their training period.

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Game mechanics

So, what game mechanics come into play with MindTickle? Here are some of the most important ones:

Leaderboards. Leaderboards are a great way for your trainees to get engaged with the game and with each other. The leaderboards featured on MindTickle show your high scores and other stats, and they can create a healthy level of competition that can push your trainees to go even further in their training.

Achievement. MindTickle uses points and badges to create a sense of achievement and instant gratification upon completing a particular task. Since achievements come up from a number of different tasks, they encourage people to keep trying to find them and unlock them.

Social Fabric of Games. Playing games is a social thing, even if you’re doing it alone. There are a couple ways that MindTickle makes their platform social. First, as mentioned above, they have leaderboards. Second, you have the option of updating your Facebook wall with the achievements and such that you are getting. Both of these add a level of interactivity.

Progression Dynamics. By offering experience bars and training levels, there are multiple ways for you to “level up.” By feeling like you’re actually progressing, you’ll push yourself to continue and progress even more.

If you want to check out more about these game mechanics and see for yourself what other game mechanics may be involved with MindTickle and other great apps, make sure to check out our game mechanics glossary.

So as you can see, MindTickle is a great tool no matter what industry you are in. If you’re looking to find an innovative, engaging way for your new employees to start learning their new jobs, then MindTickle is a great place for you to start.

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